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Tropical Breeze

Limited edition 10​0

12 x 18" Print on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas. Limited edition 100. Signed by the artist. 

Can be matted and framed to make a larger presentation. Larger triptych version up to 16 x 74 inches.

When my husband retired at 70, we moved to Naples, Florida.  I was an art major in college and an art teacher. I hadn't painted in a long time and gave my art supplies away when we moved to Naples. 

  Now, I love to paint on my computer with digital paints and brushes. I love bright colors and enjoy painting abstracts, tropical landscapes, and people’s faces, especially women’s faces.

My work has been shown at East-West Fine Art at the Bigham Gallery in Naples

and is on their website under Artist Studios. I have a Master of Arts in Religion from Yale University, Divinity School, and believe these paintings are a gift resulting from time in Contemplation.             

B.A., Art, Elmira College, N.Y.

M.A.R.S., Religious Studies, Sacred Heart University, CT.

M.A.R., Theological/Pastoral Studies, Yale University, Divinity School (YDS).


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